Vaginal Odor? Bacterial Infections? STIs? STDs? INTRODUCING: FEM-FLOURISH The Breakthrough Solution for Banishing Vaginal Odor and Infections!

Don’t Suffer in Silence!! Put an End to Vaginal Discomfort & Uncover The Secret to Lasting Freshness and Confidence. Our Innovative Probiotics Cures Odor And Infections at The Source.

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Smelling or fishy odor Vagina? PCOS? STI? STD? Infections?

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I absolutely LOVE these probiotics and I have always recommended them to my friends!! I noticed changes within 2 weeks of using them. Before trying fem-flourish, I was taking antibiotics to treat bacterial vaginosis and fishy odor. The antibiotics did not help much made me feel sick and after a month the smelling will still come back. So I ordered these immediately started using them. its been 10 months now, No smell! no itching! no reoccurring! Fem-flourish probiotics really helped get my vagina flora back on track and smelling good and I'm so happy I bought these. They are now my go to recommendation for ladies with any vagina issues! 💖
I stopped having sex for some months due to a very embarrassing encounter I had one time. This is the very first probiotic that has helped me cure vaginal odor. I love how these are natural and easy on the stomach and help me see my period more normally!!
These probiotics is the best for yeast infection!!! I started using them a week ago. My period that ceased came last week, and they also cured my long term yeast infection and itching even my bowel movement has improved 🙈 Thank you for your God-led company, and a great product.
I have PCOS. The medication i was on causes internal bleeding, i was able to ween myself off the medication by using FEM flourish, it is so better than taking the drugs doctor gave me. It works for me and has regulated my hormones as well. thank you fem flourish

How Much Does It Cost?

30 capsules


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However, kindly note that we spend a lot of money and resources to offer pay-on-delivery to all our customers within Nigeria.

If you are not ready to receive your order within 48 hours, we recommend placing your order at a later date. OR CHAT WITH BELLA ON 070


The recommended dosage for our Fem-flourish Probiotic is 1 capsule daily.

Our Fem-flourish Probiotic can be taken along with other supplements or drugs you are taking, as our products are designed to work particularly for vagina health care.

Absolutely! You can customize your intake method to suit your needs + tastes. Some women may add to a beverage like a smoothie, while others stir into yogurt, milk, pap, or whatever they prefer!

No, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers!

Yes, our Fem-flourish Probiotic is gluten free!

Yes, our Fem-flourish Probiotic is halal & vegan friendly!


FEM-FLOURISH is a Pharmaceutical company which began her operations in the year 2022, sold over 40,000 units internationally. Fem-flourish is known for providing women across the globe with solutions to all vaginal health problems and restoring vitality to the vagina and overall feminine health.


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